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Party Trays

Cold Platters

Antipasto Rustico

An array of imported cheeses, Italian meats and vegetables

Half $95 - Full $190


Romaine, Focaccia croutons, shaved Parmesan and classic dressing.

Half $45 - Full $90

Grilled Vegetables

marinated and grilled fresh vegetables

Half $60 - Full $120

Imported Cheese

Artisan Cheeses served with crackers and pepperoni

$Market Price

Sliced Fresh Fruit

An array of fresh seasonal fruit

$Market Price

Torre Di Pisa

Grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella and basil

Half $70 - Full $140


Toasted Italian bread topped with marinated tomatoes and basil

Half $55 - Full $95


Vine ripened tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella, basil and balsamic syrup

Half $65 - Full $130


Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and white balsamic dressing

Half $40 - Full $80

Shrimp Cocktail

Poached shrimp served with Classic sauce and lemon


Sliced Melon and Prosciutto

Fresh Cantaloupe and sliced Italian Prosciutto

$Market Price

Vegetable Crudite

Fresh vegetables served with herb garlic cream cheese dip

Half $50 - Full $90

Hot Platters


half with Portobello Smoked Mozzarella half with Tomato Mozzarella

Half $65 - Full $130

Clams Casino

Topped with celery, onions, peppers and bacon


Scallops wrapped in bacon

baked crispy in our brick oven with honey Dijon


Steamed Mussels

Steamed Maine mussels in a red or white sauce

Half $55 - Full $110

Stuffed Long Hots

with Prosciutto, Italian sausage onions and Mozzarella cheese



Crispy flash fried served with Marinara and lemon

Half $60 - Full $120

Mini Crab Balls

lump crab meat blended with risotto



Crispy flash fried served with
Marinara or Cocktail sauce

Half $50 - Full $100

Stuffed Calamari

with crab meat, fresh herbs and simmered in Marinara

Half $65 - Full $130

Stuffed Mushrooms

with our lump crab meat stuffing



Baked Salmon or Flounder

Baked in our Brick oven with lemon herbs

Half $75 - Full $140

Chicken Parmigiana

Breaded chicken cutlet, Marinara and Provolone

Half $60 - Full $130

Chicken Sorrento

Chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes and Mozzarella.

Half $75 - Full $130

Italian Sausage and peppers

Simmered in Marinara with garlic

Half $60 - Full $120

Roast Pork Loin

Roasted in our brick oven with natural au jus

$Market Price

Veal Parmigiana

Breaded Veal, Marinara and Provolone cheese

Half $85 - Full $170

Chicken Filomena

Chicken, mushrooms, olives, sweet and hot pepper

Half $65 - Full $130

Chicken Piccata or Chicken Marsala

Half $65 - Full $130

Filomena's Meatballs

Our famous homemade meatballs in Marinara



Broccoli Rabe, White beans and Italian sausage

Half $55 - Full $110

Veal Abruzzi

Veal, mushrooms, garlic, sweet and hot peppers

Half $95 - Full $190

Whole Filet Mignon

Roasted Whole with rosemary and demi

$Market Price


Baked Ziti

Baked with Ricotta, Marinara and Mozzarella cheese

Half $55 - Full $110


Potato ricotta made by Filomena herself in Marinara

Half $65 - Full $130


Tossed in our Marinara sauce or blush sauce

Half $50 - Full $95

Tortellini Contadina

with peas, prosciutto in a blush sauce

Half $70 - Full $140


Penne pasta tossed with Meat sauce

Half $65 - Full $120


Layers of pasta, Meat sauce, mozzarella and ricotta

Half $60 - Full $120

Penne Dominica

Baby shrimp, scallops, spinach and blush sauce

Half $95 - Full $190

Side Dishes


Braised Escarole with white beans, leeks and pancetta

Half $45 - Full $90

Green Beans

Sautéed with garlic and wild mushrooms

Half $40 - Full $75

Mixed Vegetables

Fresh seasonal sautéed vegetables in garlic

Half $60 - Full $80

Roasted Potatoes

Brick oven roasted Red Bliss in garlic rosemary

Half $35 - Full $70

Garlic Bread

Brick oven baked with garlic and parmesan cheese

Half $30 - Full $50

Mashed Potatoes

our roasted garlic whipped potatoes

Half $35 - Full $70

Roasted peppers

Our famous roasted Tuscan peppers in Marinara

Half $45 - Full $90

Sautéed Spinach or Broccoli Rabe

with sliced garlic and olive oil

Half $40 - Full $80


Assorted Mini Pastries

An array of Italian and Classic pastries

$Market Price

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baked in house

$Market Price

Italian Cookies

An array of the finest Italian cookies

$Market Price

Birthday or Event Cake

Call for options

$Market Price

Fudge Brownies

Double chocolate dusted in powdered sugar

$Market Price

Mini Sicilian Cannolis

with chocolate chips and candied orange

$Market Price